Linux Kernel Wiki

Memory Management

Segmentation & Paging

  1. What is segmentation?
  2. Segmentation in Linux?
  3. What is paging?
  4. Paging in Linux?
  5. Difference between segmentation & paging?
  6. What is page fault?
  7. What is demand paging?
  8. What is page table?
  9. What is page replacement algorithm?

Virtual Memory Manager

Process Management

Signal Handling


File System

  1. What is kernel preemption?
  2. Which file operations do not have any affect on file?
  3. How syscall is invoked in Linux (int 0x80 & sysenter)?
  4. What is
  5. What is process address space?
  6. Difference between Semaphore & Spin lock?
  7. Spin Lock & (Uni Processor + Uni Image)?
  8. Spin Lock & (Uni Processor + SMP Image)?
  9. How fork() works?
  10. What info about Zombie process is kept?
  11. How is sleep() implemented?
  12. Atomic operations?
  13. Segmentation?
  14. Paging?
  15. Difference LWP & Process?
  16. How debugger traces a user process?
  17. How syscall returns?
  18. Difference bwt normal function invocation & syscall invocation (in terms of stack & registers)?
  19. What is a kernel thread? How is it different from normal process or thread?
  20. What all data is copied when a child process is created?
  21. What all data is shared btw process & its thread?
  22. Difference interrupt & exceptions?
  23. Maskable & non-maskable interrupts?
  24. IDT?
  25. Interrupt, Exception , Kernel Preemption?
  26. Softirq & Tasklets?
  27. What is ksoftirqd?
  28. How and when to disable kernel preemption?
  29. How and when to disable interrupts?
  30. What are memory barriers?
  31. What is Big Kernel Lock?
  32. Kernel Scheduling Policy?
  33. Slab Allocator?
  34. Page Fault?
  35. Parameter passing in a syscall? More than 6 parameters?
  36. What is vsyscall page?
  37. How and when are signals delivered to a process?
  38. Signal handling in case of threads?
  39. How are signal handlers executed?
  40. What is the role of VFS?
  41. What are struct inode, struct file, struct fs_struct, struct dentry?
  42. How are files opened by a process linked to a process?
  43. Use of dentry?
  44. Structure for directory?
  45. Given a filename how to find its inode?
  46. Same process opening same file multiple times?
  47. Different processes opening same file?
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